Archived Footage

Bowman at the Bellagio  in Las Vegas – April, 2016   >>>

At the conclusion of an entertaining presentation at a medical conference in Vegas (9:50 mark of this clip) Pete Allen (PSU ’88) and Bob Costas team up to re-enact arguably THE most thrilling finish ever at Beaver Stadium. Allen was  selling soft drinks in the South end zone during the game.

1982  Season Highlights  –  A Who’s Who of Top Ten Teams  >>>

Three future Heisman Trophy winners (Mike Rozier, Doug Flutie, Herschel Walker) along with three quarterbacks who would later lead  their NFL teams to the Super Bowl (Boomer Esiason, Jeff Hostetler, Dan Marino) were part of a  brutal schedule that Joe Paterno  knew would grab pollsters’ attention. Of special note is that this is one of legendary narrator John Facenda’s final works.

                          1983  Sugar Bowl Highlights (part 1) >>>

The hype leading up to this game was incredible and a lot of his footage  of the days leading up to it augments the timeline detailed in the book. It also capably captures the  resolve as well as the closeness of the  ’82 team. Both  critical yet underrated factors in our success.

                             1983 Sugar Bowl Highlights (part 2)  >>>

Several rare items in this clip. At 10:15 of this segment a few of the infamous FIGIans including Mike Bellaman are seen howling at the camera, arms triumphantly raised. You’ll also see a weary Joe Paterno push his way past two of the four walk-ons (Brian McCann and Dan Biondi) featured in the book through the post-game melee on his way back to the locker room. The footage of our bus ride  home from the Harrisburg airport gives you a feel for the pride Penn Staters felt. As a  passenger, you couldn’t help but get a little emotional witnessing it and  if you didn’t, you  were either asleep or didn’t have a pulse.