21st Century Sports Journalism may have hit an all-time low. 

Players writing books about their own teams is the equivalent of letting inmates run the asylum.


This book details:

  • a border war rivalry during a regional economic disaster.
  • an iconic coach desperate to bring national credibility to his program by scheduling virtually every team ranked in the Top 10 with players who actually went to class and graduated on time.
  • inside-the-locker-room details & reflections from players and coaches who successfully negotiated arguably the most difficult schedule faced by any national champion in college football history.


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“The data revealing how diifuclt our 1982 schedule was coupled with the inside the locker room stories my former teammates and coaches provided me are the real reasons this book exists. The timeline of events leading up to the 1983 Sugar Bowl takes readers on a journey from the New Orleans Hilton down to Bourbon Street and inside the Louisiana Superdome. The events as seen through the eyes of former players and fans provides unique insight on Joe Paterno’s first officially recognized national championship. It truly is a nostalgic look back at the halcyon days of Penn State football. Enjoy!   –   Bill Contz


With an insidious knack for getting under people’s skin and unique viewpoints on random sports-related topics, Julius William ‘Bill’ Contz now devotes some of his free time to publishing his quasi-cynical spin on current sports subjects on this website. Check back SOON for new publications!